In order of every big or small, national or international, quoted or not, services and goods manufacturing company, the customers order is the implementation of the selling process and the initial input of the production phase We could say that the customer order is like a key inserted in the instrument panel to start the engine.

The acquisition of an order in a company is a complex process and strategic in the same time. This involves a lot of company functions, starting from the commercial, passing through the technical office to finally arrive at the production and logistics. Optimize this process by making it quicker, delete the errors, report complete and useful information, reduce the response time and waste of it: all these courses means create competitive advantages

Our group is based on this idea: make the orders' acquisition a flowing, integrated, powerful and motivating process. In this view we have developed innovative software solutions to the three-dimensional configuration of the product.

The orders' acquisition already begins before the same order, with the product's presentation, the budget and the description of what the customer will receive in the specific. Using the right products' presentation tools can make a difference.

Presenting - Configure - Quoting - Order - Production - Delivery


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