Client, retailer and manufacturer.

And vice versa.


I-Frame was created from decades of experience of 3cad evolution. Leader on the Italian market and in Europe in the configuration of the home, office, store furniture products and a series of different solutions.


Thanks to I-Frame the manufacturer of wooden, PVC or aluminum frames, for the first time, uses a solution that speeds up, simplifies and harmonizes all of the processes required to create a product as articulate as a frame.


I-Frame Shop: it is a tool used in the store to handle quotes and orders. Soon the retailers will be able to make offers and orders in compliance to the manufacturer needs, without the risk to make errors.

I-Frame Shop enables to graphically configure. The frame in tranquility, respecting the manufacturer's rules based on the end customer needs. All this by exploiting the network, since the program is based on a web technology that guarantees the certitude of the data, as well as direct client-supplier communication. The retailer is able, from the beginning, to offer the solution that best suits the needs of the end customer. Customer that, in turn, lives a completely new purchasing experience, thanks to the I-Frame Shop tool potentialities.


I-Frame Pro: The manufacturer receives the order directly from the web. From here on I-Frame Pro will take care of all production essential information. By making the bill of material and not the registry, but dynamic, thanks to its powerful rule configuration engine it's able to manage every single component. The bill of material is made according to the item configuration that has allowed us to modify the product based on the client needs, respecting the manufacturer's production rules. The documentation is prepared for the technical department that can take charge of it to proceed with production.


Then we move on to the production cycles and phases management that will be once more dynamic and configurable, because every manufacturer has the possibility to modify its production management. There is no lack of programs for CNC machines that, once more, are automatically created by I-Frame Pro according to how the frame is configured.