3cad evolution is the ideal graphical configurator for your business.

The advantages of 3cad are visible to all.


3cad configurator is ideal for:


Consulting: 3cad offers consulting services for company analisies, implementations, software locating and customization. It supports the client in the making of the graphic archives and of the rules that are at the base of 3cad evolution's catalogues.
The objective is to transfer the know-how to the client in order to make him independent in time, allowing him to modify and make new products inside 3cad evolution.
To satisfy the needs of the client 3cad evolution has created a pool of international consultants from the collaboration between the companies belonging to the group, in order to intervene with the most appropriate resources and characteristics (competences, language, and vicinity) in relation to the activity to perform for the client.
Catalogue Making and Maintenance: 3cad evolution's catalogues are based on parametric rules. The objective is to transfer this know-how to the client.
When the client doesn't have the internal resources to build his own catalogue, we can develop an in service for his graphic archive working closely with the technical department.
Training: clients can access in real time a system for group training on a set schedule. This kind of activity becomes an important moment for sharing experiences and information between the participants.
Technical platform: each client has access to a reserved area where he can consult and download technical pdf documents, videos and tutorials.
He can consult articles describing special techniques and suggestions and always keep up to date with new releases. From the technical area it is also possible to download the official and beta versions in preview to test the new functionalities.
Hotline: 3cad supplies to its direct clients an on line second level service support and the third level support fot its international distributors.