Complete control over the manufacturing process:

Warehouse, Logistics, Production and Administration.



  • Estimates
  • Loads/Orders
  • MRP
  • Production planning
  • Lists/Company documents
  • Production monitoring
  • Shop floor management

Warehouse and Logistics

  • Warehouse and location management
  • Material flow and logistics
  • Fixed and dynamic stock even from medium consumption
  • Package tracking (production, loads, ….)
  • Packages and label making
  • Packing list
  • Delivery rounds
  • Delivery planning
  • Plan/load shipment

Long daily update time is zeroed thanks to the on-line updating


Indicators and analyzes on the main economic and financial variables for the total control of the company.

Financial and control administration

  • General accounting and VAT
  • Client and supplier  accounting
  • Reclassified and index statements
  • Consolidated statements
  • Budget
  • Analytic and industrial accounting


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